Garden lighting’s object is different from the indoor lighting and building environment lighting. Its main purpose is to enhance the scene effect, to create a night landscape. Therefore, light source should be with better quality to choose the direction and efficiency control.
The lighting of the trees (2)The different location of the garden has the different requirements of the lighting. As for showing the garden’s architecture, sculpture, flowers, rocks and other beautiful scenery, the lighting methods should be different, and the projection lighting should also be based on the need in order to show their charm at night; The street lights of garden road’s both sides should be uniform and uniform, so as to meet the needs of security.Flower bed lighting
In order to make the small space appear more, you can only light the necessary part of the rest into the shadow; for large outdoor space, the way to deal with is opposite, this will make a large space to produce a sense of intimacy.
Outdoor lighting should use the dimmer on the light source carefully. In most of the use of incandescent light as a light source on the garden lights, the use of dimmer will make the light yellow, to illuminate the object cast a layer of yellow, especially for plants, will show a morbid, lost the original vitality.
Garden lighting

Color filter or RGB LED is also not used often, because the light produced by the projection will produce distortion, for the plant it will cause some kind of untrue. Of course, the sky blue filter is an exception, it can eliminate the yellow tone in the incandescent, so that light into a pleasant blue and white light. Small filters or other accessories, it will make the whole landscape has tremendous changes, which need to pay attention to the design.

The brightness of the light should be based on the needs of the activities and to ensure safety. Too bright or too dark will bring discomfort to the visitors, lighting design, in particular, should pay attention to the glare. Hidden in the flowers and trees can not only provide the necessary lighting and avoid the glare.

To determine the lighting range of lighting must also consider the location of the lamp, that is, lamp height, angle and light distribution, and lighting formed when the shadow size, light and dark and the environment and atmosphere in order to facilitate the use of light and shadow to set off the natural, to create a certain scene and the atmosphere. This should be carefully observed during the day on the surrounding space, and by calculating to determine the best landscape lighting effects. Here are some common scene lighting:

The lighting of the treesWater view lighting (1)

1, The projector light is generally placed on the ground, according to the type of trees and the appearance of the way to determine the arrangement;
2, if you want to illuminate a higher position on the trees, you can place a metal rod to install lamps with a height same like the illumination position.
3,on the main branches of the deciduous tree , the installation of a string of low-power incandescent bulb or LED lamp beads, can get the effect of decoration;

4, those floodlight which need to be installed in the tree, its installation ring with the branches must be able to follow the growth rules of the plant to adjust;
5, the projecting lighting of the trees should pay attention to the art.

The lighting of the trees (1) Flower bed lighting
1, for the ground floor of the flower beds, will use the so-called magic Valley-style lamps lighting down, lamps often be placed in the central or edge of the flower bed, the height of the lamp depends on the height of the flower;

2, light source commonly use incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps and LED light source, with relatively high color rendering index light source.street lights

Sculpture, statue of decorative lighting
1, the number and arrangement of lighting points, depending on the type of target;

2, according to the location of the target and the surrounding environment to determine the location of the lamp:
A, the lighting target, isolating in the grass or in the center of the open space, lamp need to be as parallel as the ground to keep the surrounding appearance;
B, isolated in the grass or open space in the center of the lighting target, if located on the base, the lamp placed in a far place, to avoid the occlusion of the base in the bottom of the target according to the shadow;
C, located on the base of the target, if close to the pedestrian, the lamp should be fixed on the public lighting pole or near the building on the facade.
3, for the statue, often lighting face part and the front of the face, when choose the direction of exposure should avoid the shadow in the cast face;
4, for some sculptures, the color of light need to be coordinated with the sculpture materials color.
Water view lighting (2) Water view lighting
1, the water and the lake lighting: lighting the shore of the scene, can form a reflection on the water; on the shore of the object, can be immersed in the water under the floodlight to lighting; for the dynamic surface can be used to direct exposure to the water ;
2, the fountain of the lighting: in the case of water jet, the floodlight will be installed in the pool behind the nozzle or in the water fall into the pool below the fall point, or both places are installed lamps. Often use red, blue, yellow three primary colors, followed by the use of green;
3, the lighting of the waterfall: the water and waterfalls, lamps should be installed in the bottom of the water drop.