What is panel light’s structure mainly consist of? And what are the characteristics of these structures?

HTB1IQ_JLXXXXXboXpXX760XFXXXmFirst: LED panel light the back cover.

The cover is mainly used to seal the lamp body, which is made of aluminum material, visually seeing the overall texture is strong because of aluminum material. It is also good for heat dissipation.

Second: LED panel light aluminum frame

How to choose aluminum frame is mainly based on customer choice for design and use of the product. One type is the aluminum extruding die for forming the aluminum framework, this framework works well on the surface, heat dissipation is quite good; the other one is the high pressure molding aluminum framework, this framework of IP protection class has guarantee, sealing the optical effect is also good. Two options are all available for customers to meet their different needs.

Third: LED light sources

Manufacturers use different chips like SMD2835, SMD4014, SMD 3528, which are according to customers requirements.

Part IV: Driver

How to select the lighting driver also mainly based on customer demand. For example, if foreign buyers want to buy your LED panel light, you must meet all of the the purchaser countries’ quality certification standards. Normally there are two options for the driver: one is the constant-current power supply, that is suitable for the domestic market; the 2nd is the constant voltage and constant current mode driving power, although the cost is high, but it is for the international market.

Five: LED panel light diffuser

About how to choose LED panel light diffusion plate , we judge from the light effective transmission rate. Generally we prefer to acrylic diffuser material, as its transmission rate can reach 92%. However, acrylic product weakness is that the anti-aging capability is not strong. Its advantages is that the efficiency of transmission than other materials is more suitable for the diffusion plate.

Sixth: LED panel light guide plate

Light guide plate plays an important role in the whole panel light. It is similar to the CPU in a computer, of course, function of the guide plate is the need to make the whole panel lights lighting effect uniform. The most important thing is transparency must meet the requirements of product , plates on the selection of suppliers also need to be careful, pay attention to the procurement function carried out rigorous testing of products, so as to ensure the production of high-quality LED panel light products.

Seventh: LED panel light reflector

LED panel light component of reflective paper is mainly for the plate back light go out, and its importance is also an integral part of high quality LED panel light.

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