Accent Lighting
– Concentrated light on a subject which highlights it and causes it to stand out from its surrounding. Depending on degree of drama desired, accent light should minimally be 10x the general light or ambient light. led high bay lighting high power luminaire (4)

Ampere – A unit expressing the rate of flow of electric current.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) – The organization that develops voluntary guidelines and produces performance standards for the electrical and other industries.

20w 50w 100w outdoor led floodlight fixtures (6)Audible Noise (Sound) – All fluorescent lamp ballasts produce some noise. Most brand ballasts are sound rated A (up to 75% quieter than magnetic types) and are acceptable for most applications. Care should be taken when mounting the ballast to reduce vibration.

Average Rated Life – An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of lamps have failed, when operated at nominal lamp voltage and current; manufacturers use 3 hours per start for fluorescent lamps and 10 hours per start for HID lamps when performing 9mm led panel lamp 60x60lamp life testing procedures; every lamp type has a unique mortality curve that depicts its average rated life. For Photo-Optic specialty lamps, average rated life refers to the operating period after which on statistical average, 50% of the lamps will perform within their specified values.