LED lamps, as a new type of green lighting, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, is more and more popular in the light market. However, the problem of LED failure will definitely affect the use of LED Light.
What is the Reasons of LED Decay?
In general, there are two main factors for LED failure:
First, LED product quality issues:
1, The LED chip is not good, the brightness decay faster.
2, The production process is defective, LED chip cooling can not well export from the PIN , resulting in LED chip temperature too high to chip attenuation intensified.
Why LED DecaysSecond, the use of conditions:
1, LED use with constant current drive, some drive decay because of LED drive voltage.
2, The drive current is greater than the rated drive conditions.
In fact, there are many reasons for the decline of LED products, but the most important is the heat issue.s are not particularly concerned about the issue of heat. LED chip itself, thermal resistance, the impact of silver glue, substrate cooling effect, as well as colloidal gold wire and also have a relationship with the light fades.