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  • 10+ years of street light manufacturing experience
  • IP65 waterproof & IK08 Aluminum shell for High-Efficiency heat dissipation
  • 3-year warranty and maintenance-free

    LEDAPLUS Manufacture The Best LED Street Lights to Rocket Your Business

    Multiple standard LED Street Lights for your choice

    Based on the demands of your target market, you can choose our standard LED street lights from 30W to 250W to match your projects’ requirements. LEDAPLUS team also can help you to choose the right model if you need it.

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    Develop new LED Street Lights for Your Brand

    Being a LED street lights manufacturer with 10+ years of R&D experience, LEDAPLUS can provide you perfect street lights based on your specific requirements. Just send us your design or idea, we will complete the products according to your design or idea with your brand.

    LEDAPLUS LED Street Lights

    As a leading LED street light manufacturer in China, LEDAPLUS can support your business for street and roads.

    LEDAPLUS is committed to providing clients with professional technical support, quality street lighting fixtures, and good prices, based on 10+ years of professional R&D and production experience. From LEDAPLUS, you will get the latest LED Street lights designs and information on the roadway lighting every quarter. For better supporting your projects or getting the bids, you can get the IES of every standard street light from LEDAPLUS without any extra charge.

    Send your inquiry now for your next street light order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

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    LEDAPLUS: LED Street Lights Manufacturer

    LEDAPLUS LED Street Lights are made of aluminum by die casting. It plays a nice heat dissipation and makes sure the long life-span. Full range from 30W to 240W LED street light to answer different demands of your projects and bids.

    With the IK08 impact protection rating and IP65 waterproof rating, you can safely use our LED street lights for your projects outdoors without maintenance costs.

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    LED Street Light LD030030W

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    LED Street Light LD030050W

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    LED Street Light LD030100W

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    LED Street Light LD030150W

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    LED Street Light LD031030W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031050W

    LED Street Light LD031050W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031100W

    LED Street Light LD031100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031150W

    LED Street Light LD031150W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033050W

    LED Street Light LD033050W

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    LED Street Light LD033100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033150W

    LED Street Light LD033150W

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    LED Street Light LD033200W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD032050W

    LED Street Light LD032050W

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    LED Street Light LD032100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD032150W

    LED Street Light LD032150W

    Want to Find a Reliable LED Lights Manufacturer?

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      things about street light you might be interested in…

      Unsure where to begin? Start by exploring the most prevalent street light specifications in the current market.

      • Brightness: Ranges from 20W to 400W, accommodating various illumination needs from residential pathways to bustling highways.
      • Water Resistance: Rated IP65 and IP66, ensuring durability against harsh weather conditions.
      • Color Temperature: Fixed at 3000K, providing a warm, inviting glow.
      • Voltage: Standard 12V for compatibility with diverse power systems.
      • Base Type and Width: E40, is a robust and versatile choice for many applications.

      Have a concept in mind? Contact LEDAPLUS, and our experts will assist you in customizing your street light style.

      Architectural Street Lighting

      Architectural street lighting fixtures blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. Primarily designed to enhance the visual appeal of streets, sidewalks, and public areas, these lights also provide a modest level of illumination for safety. They add a decorative touch, often reflecting the character of the surrounding architecture.

      LED Solar Street Lighting

      LED solar street lighting harnesses solar energy through panels, converting sunlight into electricity. This eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution is gaining popularity due to its sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Solar street lights require minimal maintenance and reduce electricity bills, making them a smart choice for both urban and rural areas.

      Intelligent Street Lighting

      Intelligent street lighting systems offer advanced control and efficiency. Each light is individually managed, allowing for adjustments in brightness, color, and even lighting patterns based on specific needs. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in areas like airports and stadiums, where dynamic lighting is essential. Vorlane’s intelligent lighting solutions set the standard for modern, controllable, and eco-friendly street illumination.

      Decorative Street Lighting

      Decorative street lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal and safety of neighborhoods. By providing better illumination, it not only beautifies the area but also contributes to a safer environment. Regular maintenance ensures these lights remain in top condition, continuing to add charm and security to public spaces.

      LED Floodlights

      LED floodlights offer powerful, broad-beam illumination ideal for large outdoor areas such as sports arenas, parking lots, and industrial sites. These lights are highly energy-efficient and durable, providing consistent, high-intensity lighting that enhances safety and visibility.

      Solar Bollard Lights

      Solar bollard lights are compact, self-sustaining lighting solutions perfect for pathways, gardens, and parks. Utilizing solar power, they are easy to install and maintain, offering an eco-friendly option for enhancing outdoor spaces with subtle yet effective lighting.

      Light Source

      The core component of any street light, the light source, typically uses high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. These are far more powerful than traditional incandescent bulbs, ensuring streets are well-lit and safe.


      The pole supports the street light, usually made of durable materials like metal or concrete, and can reach up to 12 meters in height. It ensures stability and optimal light distribution.


      Connecting the pole to the light fixture, the arm is generally made of metal and can extend up to 2 meters. It positions the light for optimal coverage and efficiency.


      The reflector directs the light from the lamp, ensuring it illuminates the street evenly and effectively. This component maximizes the light’s efficiency and coverage.

      1. Raw Material Sourcing: The process begins with sourcing aluminum, glass, and steel.
      2. Cutting and Shaping: These materials are then cut and shaped into the necessary components.
      3. Assembly and Testing: The parts are assembled and rigorously tested to meet safety and quality standards.
      4. Packaging: Once approved, the street lights are packaged for shipment.
      5. Installation: The final product is installed at its designated location, and ready for use.

      Improved Visibility

      Street lighting enhances visibility for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, contributing to safer road conditions. Enhanced visibility also helps reduce the number and severity of accidents.

      Reduced Crime

      Effective street lighting deters criminal activity by increasing the risk of detection. Well-lit areas are less attractive to potential offenders, and witnesses can more easily identify perpetrators.


      Well-designed street lights improve the visual appeal of an area, making it more welcoming and inviting. This can foster a sense of safety and community, enhancing the overall atmosphere.

      Energy Efficiency

      Modern street lighting solutions are increasingly energy-efficient, lowering operational costs and reducing environmental impact. This makes them a sustainable choice for municipalities and businesses alike.

      Environmental Impact

      Energy-efficient street lights significantly reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a greener environment. Solar-powered options further minimize the ecological footprint by harnessing renewable energy.

      Cost Savings

      LED and solar street lights have lower operational and maintenance costs compared to traditional lighting solutions. Their long lifespan and energy efficiency translate into substantial savings for municipalities and businesses.


      Streetlights enhance nighttime visibility and safety in various settings, including roadways, freeways, bridges, parks, and plazas. Industrial LED strip lights also serve as effective street lighting in commercial and industrial areas, offering bright, energy-efficient illumination.

      Accent Lighting

      Strategically placed street lights can highlight architectural features and enhance the aesthetic appeal of urban environments. This accent lighting helps create unique, visually pleasing spaces.

      Power Generation

      Street lights equipped with solar panels can generate electricity, which powers the lights and other devices like traffic signals, security cameras, or public Wi-Fi hotspots. This dual functionality maximizes the utility of street lighting infrastructure.

      Public Safety

      Well-lit streets improve public safety by deterring criminal activities and enabling better surveillance. This application is crucial in residential neighborhoods, business districts, and public parks.

      Event Lighting

      Street lights can be adapted for special events or festivals, providing temporary lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance and ensure safety during nighttime activities. This flexibility makes them valuable for urban planning and community events.

      Essential Factors in Choosing High-Performance Street Lighting

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