High End LED Street Lights Manufacturer in China

  • 10+ years of street light manufacturing experience
  • IP65 waterproof & IK08 Aluminum shell for High-Efficiency heat dissipation
  • 3-year warranty and maintenance-free

    LEDAPLUS Manufacture The Best LED Street Lights to Rocket Your Business

    Multiple standard LED Street Lights for your choice

    Based on the demands of your target market, you can choose our standard LED street lights from 30W to 250W to match your projects’ requirements. LEDAPLUS team also can help you to choose the right model if you need it.

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    Develop new LED Street Lights for Your Brand

    Being a LED street lights manufacturer with 10+ years of R&D experience, LEDAPLUS can provide you perfect street lights based on your specific requirements. Just send us your design or idea, we will complete the products according to your design or idea with your brand.

    LEDAPLUS LED Street Lights

    As a leading LED street light manufacturer in China, LEDAPLUS can support your business for street and roads.

    LEDAPLUS is committed to providing clients with professional technical support, quality street lighting fixtures, and good prices, based on 10+ years of professional R&D and production experience. From LEDAPLUS, you will get the latest LED Street lights designs and information on the roadway lighting every quarter. For better supporting your projects or getting the bids, you can get the IES of every standard street light from LEDAPLUS without any extra charge.

    Send your inquiry now for your next street light order, normally you will get our best quotation within 8 working hours.

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    LEDAPLUS: LED Street Lights Manufacturer

    LEDAPLUS LED Street Lights are made of aluminum by die casting. It plays a nice heat dissipation and makes sure the long life-span. Full range from 30W to 240W LED street light to answer different demands of your projects and bids.

    With the IK08 impact protection rating and IP65 waterproof rating, you can safely use our LED street lights for your projects outdoors without maintenance costs.

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD030030W

    LED Street Light LD030030W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD030050W

    LED Street Light LD030050W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD030100W

    LED Street Light LD030100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD030150W

    LED Street Light LD030150W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031030W

    LED Street Light LD031030W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031050W

    LED Street Light LD031050W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031100W

    LED Street Light LD031100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD031150W

    LED Street Light LD031150W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033050W

    LED Street Light LD033050W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033100W

    LED Street Light LD033100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033150W

    LED Street Light LD033150W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD033200W

    LED Street Light LD033200W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD032050W

    LED Street Light LD032050W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD032100W

    LED Street Light LD032100W

    LED Street Lights Manufacturer LD032150W

    LED Street Light LD032150W

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