LED panel lights, also known as LED flat lights, with beautiful and generous environmental protection and energy saving advantages, but the actual penetration rate is not high, leading to popularity is not smooth because some LED manufacturers’ product failure rate is high, thus affecting the product reputation.The following will offer you brief introduction about LED panel lights common problems and countermeasures.LED Panel Lights (2)

1) The surrounding dark
Light guide plate problem. Give up the public light guide plate, go for the specially designed light guide plate. If you do not want to increase the cost, you can try light guide plate samples from different factories, try to see if you can find the right one.
2)Light blue or yellow
A. adjust the distance between the lamp beads and the light guide plate, or change 3T to 4T, because the blue and yellow light refractive index is different. B. also maybe the problem of lamp beads, replace the lamp beads.
LED Panel Lights (1)3) Aluminum frame joints large
Improve the processing accuracy, design positioning device
4) Bright spots
Redesign the light guide plate, add a good diffuse plate
5) Water ripples appear
This is caused by current ripple, replacing the power supply
6) Luminous flux measurement is low

Using a distributed photometer, choose high-quality lamp beads
7) other
PMMA thermal expansion, if oppression to the lamp beads may also be light blue or even lights failure.